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CEO & Founder


Ben Yasin,

Alaylıdan okullaya süren hayatımda teknoloji ve bilişimi hayatımla bütünleştirdim. İlk günki gibi kefile yapmaktayım. Aslen Hardware uzmanı olmama rağmen yazılım konusundada eğitim ve gelişimine sahibim.

Kendim için istediğim hizmet mantığını size tüm ekibimle vermekten memnuniyet duyuyorum.


Şirket Müdürü


I'm Ari and my job here is to interact, inform and keep you up to date about the wonderful things that the team here develops.

Some of my passions are wakeboarding, traveling and talking for hours. Also I am one of the new additions to the team.


Grafik Tasarım


Creating digital images is both my passion and my profession, so you can understand how thrilled I am to work here.

The line between imagination and reality is drawn in pencil, so I erased it and drew in a tollgate.


Flash Animasyon


I'm Alex and I'm a junior flash developer.

I like the originality, I enjoy studying people behaviour and attitude and I really love good music and strong messages. I think every day is a new chance to improve yourself; it's important to keep your mind wide open and always look on the bright side of life.


Grafik Tasarım


I'm a Graphic Designer and I like it.
I think everyone can do a lot of things, but there are a few things we like the most, and that's why we do it better.

I believe creativity is the answer for many questions and I enjoy spending time among open minded people.


Web Tasarım


I'm the guy making sure the website runs smoothly and, while it does, I'm working on improving it and adding interesting new features.

Outside of work, you can usually find me in the local pub enjoying a rock gig, watching the newest play in the theatre, or in my car on my way to the mountains.


Reklam Koordinasyon


My main concern is that everyone gets along well in our team and that we're facing all the challenges together.

It's a fantastic experience to work with these people as I'm learning something new every day.


Reklam Destek


As my work implies offering technical support, I try to give the best solutions to the issues encountered by the users and to communicate them in a friendly manner. Helping users and knowing that they are satisfied with our services gives me satisfaction and the motivation to do my best at work.
Outside the office I am the same friendly, positive person who enjoys being surrounded by friends.


Sosyal Medya Uzmanı


My name is Ciprian and I'm a junior web developer.

Some of my passions are: football, computer games and new technologies from IT.
My job here is to develop WordPress templates and I enjoy it.
I think great things are achieved through hard work.


Medya Koordinatörü


I'm a passionate Publisher

I like taking breaks from my day-to-day life to take photos and spend time with the camera in my hand.
I consider myself a careful and discreet observer, as I anticipate the moment and try to make the connection.
I am ecstatic when I capture images which "communicate" emotions.